You are a great motivator and coach and I look forward to continuing my journey with you!

“When we first started I thought I was too overweight for you to train. I had no real experience with gym equipment and I have neuropathy.

You were excited to train me and weight as an obstacle never entered our conversation. You were not deterred by my lack of knowledge of the equipment and you always demonstrated how to use it.

Since working with you:
My balance has improved immensely.
• I can do elevated pushups and modified floor pushups.
• I’m climbing stairs with ease and even running stairs.
• My squats have improved.
• My stamina has improved greatly.
• My core is stronger.

You’ve played an essential role in my weight loss journey and I am grateful for the additional 50 lbs that I’ve lost working with you. But I’m most grateful for the confidence you’ve given me. You are a great motivator and coach and I look forward to continuing my journey with you!”

Let’s get this party started!

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Accountability Coaching

You know you want to make changes….in your health, in your personal life, in your work life…but you struggle to keep commitments to yourself to do the things you need to do. I’ve got you! This program is PERFECT for someone who wants that extra accountability to help keep them on track, not just with their fitness, but with their LIFE goals as well!

Fitness Coaching

If you’re looking for in-person fitness coaching and accountability with a detailed plan to help you reach your health and fitness goals, then this is the perfect program for you! One to one coaching where we define your goals, create a plan of action tailored to YOU and then work together to make it happen.

Virtual Fitness Coaching

Not ready to hit the gym, not able to train with me locally….no worries. Get coaching from the comfort of your own home with Virtual Fitness Coaching! We will start with a phone call or zoom to make sure we are a great fit and learn a little more about your goals. Then we put a plan together and create a private client portal just for you with EVERYTHING you need to hit your goals and love your body and life!

My Commitment To You

Change can be hard. But you’re here and you’ve decided to make a commitment to living in YOUR best body starting today. And guess what? I’m committed to taking that journey with you.


You bring the heart, commitment and coach-ability, and I will bring the tools, accountability and support.


Together we will help you love the body you live in, while building the body and life you want.

Happy Clients


Let’s start loving your body!

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